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21 Apr 2019. Now in its third year, the Jersey Surf Film Festival, which will take place at the Far Flung Motel venue at the Jersey Scout Centre between. Attendees are encouraged to dress up 'Jacques Cousteau'-style for the feature event.

25 Apr 2019. Co-director and explorer Jean-Michel Cousteau, son of the famed filmmaker and explorer Jacques Cousteau, This year's EarthXFilm Festival has a number of new feature films and documentaries that explore efforts to.

12 May 2019. will direct and produce the feature biopic about the world's most famous ocean explorer, Jacques Cousteau, with. excited to work with National Geographic, Liz Garbus and this amazing film team,” said Francine Cousteau,

6 Sep 2018. was popularly represented. While revolutionary in its presentation, the film draws heavily from the vocabula. (Science) Fiction: Genre Hybridization in Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Louis Malle's The Silent World (1956).

The Santa Fe Independent Film Festival (SFIFF) began in 2009 as a fringe festival that took place in a community center. Jacques Paisner, Artistic Director – SFiFF Artistic Director, Jacques Paisner produced the forthcoming feature film from indie auteur Jon Moritsugu. a leading environmental, educational non- profit founded by Philippe, Alexandra and Janice Cousteau, He is Professor Emeritus of the.

3 May 2017. the late scuba-diving French oceanographer Jacques Cousteau. The 85- minute film, directed by Sam Hobkinson, features the artist and is expected to include scenes charting the recovery of sculptures included in the show,

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Say bonjour to Jacques Cousteau, father of the wildlife documentary! Growing up in France, Cousteau dreamed of combining his two loves: making movies and exploring aquatic landscapes. He managed to merge his passions into an.

Amazon.com: Jacques Cousteau – Pacific Explorations: Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Rod Serling, Joseph Campanella, Frédéric Dumas, Albert Falco, Philippe Cousteau Sr., Joe Thompson, David E. Blewitt: Movies & TV. Special features. None.

After Cousteau started expeditions on the Calypso in the 1950s, his books, documentary films, and the television series The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau brought him to the attention of millions of people eager to learn from him about.

25 Jun 2010. Celebrate the life and legacy of Jacques Cousteau with the NOAA Office of. June 14 -19, the Olympic Coast Discovery Center will feature Cousteau's videos and books as well as scuba gear. The innovative film, a pioneer in underwater cinematography, is an example of the shifting baselines between.

Jacques Cousteau was the most famous underwater explorer of the 20th century. Cousteau continued to make documentary feature films with an increasingly environmental theme that supported his ambition to protect ocean habitats.

30 Jun 1979. Philippe Cousteau, 37, the younger son of Jacques-Yves Cousteau, the oceanographer and producer of films. He worked on the award-winning feature film "World Without Sun," and was one of six "oceanauts" who lived 235.

16 Feb 2017. Among his many claims to fame, the renowned French oceanographer Jacques Cousteau is often remembered. inquisitive nature—Cousteau's first feature- length documentary is as much about exploring the possibilities of.

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Jacques Cousteau–naturalist, biologist, diver and the pioneer of underwater filmmaking–won the Best Documentary Feature Academy Award for this, his second film, in 1964. The film is a document of a brave experiment in which a team of.

. Silence) was the 1956 documentary that cemented the reputation of French oceanographer Jacques-Yves Cousteau. underwater camera on a series of short subjects, Cousteau extended his cinematic know-how to the feature-length form.

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Before you were approached about playing Jacques-Yves Cousteau, what did you know about the man and his life? His story took me back to childhood. Cousteau was very present, as were his crew-members. There were very few TV.

Jacques Cousteau produced over seventy films for television and won numerous Emmy and other awards. He also produced three full-length feature films: The Silent World (Oscar and Palme d'Or), World Without Sun (Oscar and Grand Prix du.