Elizabeth Spriggs Virburnum Leaf Morphology

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A new fossil Piper from the Late Cretaceous of Colombia is described here, and its importance for assessing diversification patterns in the genus is addressed. • Methods: Leaf architecture of 32 fossil leaf compressions from the Guaduas Formation was compared with that of 294 extant angiosperm species.

Leaf morphology, rather than plant water status, underlies genetic variation of rice leaf rolling under drought. Cal Andrew J., Sanciangco Millicent, Rebolledo Maria Camila, Luquet Delphine, Torres Rolando O., McNally Kenneth L., Henry Amelia.

Disability in Darnell Arnoult’s Novel Sufficient Grace, Elizabeth Glass. Discovering "Hidden Figures" in Appalachia: Connecting the Book and the Film to the Region in the Classroom, Rosemary Hathaway. File. Discussion. PDF. Distribution and Status of the Northern Leopard Frog, Rana pipiens, in West Virginia, Amanda Nicole Spriggs. Link

One of the major human migration events was the maritime settlement of the islands of the Indo-Pacific by the Austronesian peoples, believed to have started from at least 5,500 to 4,000 BP (3500 to 2000 BC). These migrations were accompanied by a set of domesticated, semi-domesticated, and commensal plants and animals transported via outrigger ships and catamarans that enabled early.

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The fossil record of the grasses has been comprehensively reviewed by Thomasson (1987), Jacobs et al. (1999), and most recently by Strömberg (2011), and what follows is based heavily on those papers. Available fossils consist of pollen, macrofossils (leaf fragments,

Arthropods Associated with Leaf Litter of Fraser Fir in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, David Norman Huges. PDF. Assessing the genetic diversity of the genus Viburnum using simple sequence repeats, Deborah Dean. PDF. Elizabeth French, Brad.

Leaf The diversity of leaves Leaf of Tilia tomentosa (Silver lime tree) A leaf is an organ of a vascular plant and is the principal lateral appendage of the stem.[1] The leaves and stem together form the shoot.[2] Leaves are collectively referred to as foliage, as in "autumn foliage".[3][4] Diagram of a simple leaf. Apex Midvein (Primary vein) Secondary vein.

Feb 26, 2015  · Evolutionary history and leaf succulence as explanations for medicinal use in aloes and the global popularity of. and observations of leaf morphology in aloes. Lendel A, Eggli U, Ogurn RM, Spriggs E, Moore MJ, Edwards EJ, et al. Contemporaneous and recent radiations of the world’s major succulent plant lineages. Proc Natl Acad.

Audisio P., Kirk-Spriggs A.H., Cline A.R., Trizzino M., Antonini G., Mancini E. and DeBiase A. 2008. A new genus of pollen-beetle from South Africa (Coleoptera: Nitidulidae), with discussion of the generic classification of the subfamily Meligethinae. Journal of Nematode Morphology and Systematics 8: 57-67. Rubtsova T.V., Moens M.

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A large number of taxa have undergone evolutionary radiations in mountainous areas, rendering alpine systems particularly suitable to study the extrinsic and intrinsic factors that have shaped diversification patterns in plants. The species-rich genus Saxifraga L. is widely distributed throughout the Northern Hemisphere, with high species numbers in the regions adjacent to the Qinghai-Tibet.

A comparison of nuclear and chloroplast gene trees for Viburnum Log in to add this item to your schedule: Systematics Section/ASPT:. Cercospora leaf spot. A functional design space for aerodynamic dispersal behavior based on wing morphology for all living and fossil plant propagules Log in to add this item to your schedule:

Max Planck Institute Ethnicity Steven Vertovec and based at the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity, Göttingen, Germany (www.mmg.mpg.de). The recent ethnic violence in Kenya has been preceded by

ID Title Section/Topic Authors Keywords; 223 “Sky islands” in the eastern US? – Strong phylogeographic structure in the Heuchera parviflora group (Saxifragaceae) Log in to add this item to your schedule

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Cyclopia is a papilionaceous genus endemic to the Western and Eastern Cape Provinces of South Africa. The 23 species recognized within the genus have rather subtle differences, but characters of the leaves, bracts and calyces, as well as the adaptations to survive.